Artist in Residence: The Scenario Collective: 9/1/16- 12/31/16

The Scenario Collective: 9/1/16- 12/31/16

The Scenario Collective

The Scenario Collective is a gaggle of young creative minds, all collaborating on DIY concerts, exhibitions, zines, and much more. Aiming to make more visible the underground music and art culture that makes Columbia’s scene strong, Scenario curates hand-made, heart-exploding experiences for audiences to never forget. As well, Scenario desires to empower the expressive development of artists by connecting novices with experts, nurturing a pool of shared knowledge that allows for growth in all areas, be it painting or motorcycle maintenance.

The artist-in-residence program, for Scenario, will be an opportunity to explore metamorphosis. Beginning from a solipsistic ovum, we chart a journey towards the complex organism in week-long stages. From an egg-state, to breaking down into communal building blocks, to then reforming as something stronger, more cohesive, and brilliantly complex, the various art projects of Scenario members will adhere to this trajectory.



chris   zoe

Chris Johnson

is a live and studio sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist with an interest in exploring a wide range of practical and experimental sonic possibilities both on- and off-stage. When not behind a mixing console, Chris can often be found behind an array of synthesizers and effects pedals, frantically turning knobs and pounding the keys. His work also extends into the classroom at USC where he teaches the basics of sound design.


Zoe Hedquist

is your typical self-proclaimed artist with a bachelors in marine science attempting to make a living in the kitchen of a local vegan cafe. Her passion lies halfway between the ocean and my film camera, and her goal is to one day make those two ends meet.

tristan   rupert

Tristan Shaffer

is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and trumpet player looking to establish himself as a musician in Columbia with the help of Scenario Collective.  His roots in jazz, R&B, funk, and classic rock can be heard when playing trumpet with Prince Rupert and the Moon Moths, as well as when singing and playing guitar. He is currently studying Criminology at the University of South Carolina, and has family residing in Virginia. Hoping to spread a love of life through the sharing of music.


Rupert Hudson

is a musician and entrepreneur who spends his time working on himself and his art while helping others along their journey as well. He is a rapper and through his band Prince Rupert and the Moon Moths he attempts to create a musical experience that combines the grandiose of Arcade Fire with the imagination of Kanye West.

dani   owen

Dani Thorner

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen to a lush flower garden if it was given a conscious mind and the insatiable desire to smash the patriarchy, look no further than Scenario’s very own Dani Thorner. An art student with an iron will, Dani can take on anything life throws at her with the help of her numerous pets, impeccable fashion sense, and killer collaging skills. Don’t mess with this chickadee unless you’re ready to be engulfed in a fiery blast of pink glitter and jaw-dropping amazement.


Owen Kinsey

is a artist and musician that is trying to make a name for himself in Columbia and around the county. Photography is his first love in the world of art, and the guitar is his weapon of choice in the world of music. He first became a part of the Scenario Collective when Rupert Hudson invited him to play with his band at the time, Prince Rupert, and the rest was history. He has since been seen on stage, helping set up Scenario events, and wandering aimlessly around Columbia.

laura   lee

Laura Godenick

grew up as a 3rd generation vegetarian in an Adventist family. She is the youngest of 3 girls and very close with her family. She is an environmentalist and community activist and believes deeply in social justice and community empowerment. Her favorite pastimes include dancing, rock climbing, cooking, and playing/creating/performing music. She can speak german and knit hats as well as make a mean guacamole.


Lee Garrett

is a golden mushroom that specialized pigs spend their lives sniffing for across the vastness of this earth. And though this life will boil him and wring the flavor from his marrow he will make a bitter and amazing stain on the mouth of all those who consume him.

pedro   anissa

Pedro Lopezdevictoria

Wrestled from the mouth of a french bulldog, mid-song, baby Pedro was born, and has been kept on his baby toes ever since. Never quits, good with parents, and plans to write himself into immortality.


Anissa Amaly

“I put a lot of my energy into people, music, and experiences. I’m half Brazilian half Palestinian so that’s involuntarily done a lot for the way I think about life.

And at this point – I’ve got a mad pair of rose colored glasses on.”

nick   cecil

Nick Ducko

is a 45 playing at 33; a half British, half Slovakian, all Appalachian boy born under a lucky wandering star.


Cecil Clarkson

“I like the edge of things. Give me hardcore, give me dubstep, give me the angry energy and watch what I do with it. I know how to work hard for objectives I can see being realistically achieved. Not a dreamer- but a doer.”

josh   connor

Josh Thompson

“I tend to fade into the background as best as I can. To me, documentation should be as subtle and silent as possible. I am the shadow on your wall, always there, but not in a hella obtrusive way y’know?”


Connor Brunson

External processor, circle collector. Often opts for speech in the face of silence. Lives in his body most of the time, is otherwise occupied with poems and emergency science. Bad Chinese restaurant weak spot. Good with dogs and monologues.

sean   gabe

Sean Shoppell

Raised in the beautiful South but born in a Sandwich up north. Sean found humble beginnings in high school with his film adaptations of classics such as “King Arthur” and “The Great Gatsby.” Finally finding his calling as a true goof in college, he now dreams of sailing around the Earth in a hot air balloon or drinking mimosas on the moon.


Gabe Crawford

is a big ol’ shapeshifter, shifting shapes around in a light-up box.

kat   taylor

Kat Lee Hong

“There isn’t a lot to say yet.”


Taylor Hooper

Born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth. Taylor is a caffeine dependent, gluten intolerant, color blind life-form who believes a world without pun is a world without fun. Terms used to describe her include but are not limited to: buoyant, waggish, efficacious, indefatigable, demiurgic, a convivial marketing companion, and self-made hundredaire.


Cole Haltom

is a youngin’ from a small town you’ll never know. He has hair, eyes, teeth, cheeks, a nose, but no face. He uses them to make realities appear in order to keep his sanity. As a filmmaker focused in camera work, editing, and production, his finish-line lies somewhere close to where all of his thoughts and ideas exist in a tangible form.