Studio #8 – Ron Haggell & Nicole Heere

Ron Haggell:

Facebook: @artbyronhagell
Contact: or (803) 297-1938

Artist Statement:
My first photographic works were portraits of friends, drawing a line to my recent work related to the portraits of Sargent and Hopper. I had considered myself a filmmaker, having had a long career in film as well as a teacher of media topics.  My film work had been mostly for television or documentary, an area that continues to be a part of my work as represented in my Berlin Bike exhibition (2012). But in 2005 I received a grant to make an installation, Prairie Winds, related to work of my cowboy grandfather, the Western Canadian painter, E.F. (Ted) Hagell. During this task I returned to photography and have been applying more of this medium in my work. Some of these works are the initial phases in my homage portraiture work, which lead me to my current installations.


Nicole Heere:

I paint pop art from a feminist perspective. My goal is to ridicule both male and female stereotypes, in the hopes of empowering women and challenging the notion of hyper masculinity. Whether it is America’s obsession with super heroes or our naive misrepresentation of the good ole’ days, I like to challenge people’s misconceptions about every day cultural icons. Yet, I aim to send a positive message. I reject the critical negativity that is often associated with ‘the cause’ – as a true yogi I believe in zen and my art is meant to make you feel good. The message is presented ‘in jest’, and ultimately I would like viewers to smile when they see my art. As the yogi B.K.S. Iyengar once said: “live happily and die majestically.”

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