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Scenario x Raisedbyfilm Present: Embryoasis

October 1, 2016 @ 10:00 pm

An evening of Rap and Electronic performance featuring Charleston rap collective Raisedbyfilm, Phase 1 of Scenario’s artist residency at Tapp’s.


In the far distance of a white desert, your ears hear the faint suggestion of a pulsing whisper. This faint splash of color, this ghost note, barely played, pulls foward. This respite is a call to all those who wander, and a safe haven to all pilgrims adrift in the blinding, deafening oblivion of pre-existence. Everything is new again. Regenerate among us in Embryoasis.



Atmospheric downtempo that could easily ooze into jazz improv or rap hooks alike. He precisely curates known samples into unknown zones. Like slow motion subterranian windchimes, his tracks are best enjoyed during a slow saunter through downtown Milky Way galaxies. Lay out the warm blanket of night and feast on a hand-picked electronic bouquet

Billie Fountain
Glam synth electronic grown-up prom night. A falsetto fellow hatched out of a disco ball with a pink neon autotune croon. A strobe-light balladier that can go from heavy to lofty in a single swing of his stained glass wings.

Urgent confessions gilded with grime, brave whispers through a megaphone, a life coach in progress. An agressively honest, piss and vinegar evangelist. A speed read through the deepest darkest diaries.

A bullet train ride through endless new neighborhoods. A powerful syrup wrapped in wisdom, these verses and beats zip up together like warm jacket against a cool night.

Lord Fubu ○
Otaku Cloud Rap, a pitch shifted slide through frozen smoke. Mythic smoke from a dragon’s nose, you’ll nod in agreement on the beat. A cocktail poured through a marimba.

Warholtheghost! ○
A comfortable and clear-speaking speech standing on a piano. Honest hypnosis, ghostly like abandoned theme parks. A bitter drink with a contemplative chaster.

The Moon Moths
A rapturous cheering section of an all marching band crowd. An omnidirectional talent show full of acrobatic individuals. Brassy maximalism and enough energy to propell itself out of earth’s atmosphere.

Listen to the bands here on this special Scenario playlist:https://soundcloud.com/overheardinsodacity/sets/scenario-x-raised-by-film


October 1, 2016
10:00 pm
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Fountain Room
1644 Main Street (Tapp's Arts Center)
Columbia, 29201
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