Outpost Staff


Caitlin Bright is the Executive Director of Tapp’s Outpost (formerly Tapp’s Arts Center). Before joining Tapp’s, Ms. Bright worked extensively with artists and arts organizations in project management and institutional development. She was the Executive Director of Momenta Art, a nonprofit gallery based in the cultural heart of Brooklyn, NY; Operations Director for the Moving Image Art Fair NYC/London/Istanbul; Independent Grant Writer for Wildlife Alliance, NYC/Cambodia; Marketing and research associate for Allan Stone Gallery; and has worked on independent projects for the Guggenheim Museum and the Venice Biennale. Ms. Bright received her Master of Arts in Visual Arts Administration from New York University and her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. She was awarded the Peggy Guggenheim Internship in Venice, Italy.

Contact: caitlin@outpostartspace.org
Sean Shoppell is the Space Hall Performing Culture Program Manager. Sean received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina. Interested in experimental film and music production, he has spent the last five years coordinating and participating in projects in  the music/arts field in Columbia, SC. Creating events that intersect the realms of art and music, Sean developed immersive cultural events exploring auditory, visual and social interaction.  The OUTPOST’S performing arts arm of the CEIP was initially developed and is currently managed by the Space Hall, of which Sean is a founding member. Space Hall is a group of musicians and artists dedicated to open-source information and collaboration. Inspired by innovative immersive experiences, Space Hall creates cross-pollinated artistic environments that redefined the paradigms of artistic practice.

Kiber Selig is the Outpost’s Entrepreneur in Residence.

Kiber is a South Carolina artist/ fashion designer and cultural entrepreneur. She started her business, Kiber & Kobb, as a vintage shop presenting fashion mash-ups from pop culture and trend history and has recently segued into upfitting and redesigning thrifted clothes for a one-of-a-kind fashion experience.

Focused on fostering the collaborative and social core of fashion, Kiber produces commercially-driven social events gathering alternative vendors from multiple sectors. These roving events create a synergy of exceptional views that encourage curiosity, exploration and windows into the ways communities translate their existences. The collective goal of these events is                                                       to challenge the guest/visitor/client to discover possible new ways to be their                                                     authentic selves and celebrate each community member’s individual journey.