Billy Guess- The Art of Gardening


Billy Guess
Mixed Media/Found Object Artist
Columbia, SC
The majority of my work is found object sculptures with a particular leaning toward pieces to be displayed in garden spaces. I use metal, wood, and stone to produce abstract works that have their own
presence, but also complement their outdoor environments. Gardening is under my nails and I have worked in the industry in various positions almost all my life. These experiences shape my artwork and feed my enjoyment of integrating sculpture into landscape.

Experience Two:
The Art of Gardening: I will come to your residence for a two hour consult on whatever aspects of your landscape that you would like to address. We can discuss the maintenance or improvement of your
existing landscape material and elements. We can discuss the design and implementation of new landscape elements. I particularly enjoy discussing water features, container gardening, succulents,
vines, and garden art. Notes will be taken and a follow up email will be sent with those notes with any further information needed such as; links to plants discussed, referrals for professionals, or sketches of design elements.

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