Danielle Easler


Why do we have boxes? They help us to feel safe and secure, and they protect the things we love. Right now, we’re all in boxes, in a sense, only leaving the security of our homes if it’s necessary. But showing kindness, generosity, and using our creativity frees us from feeling trapped and allows us to spread our wings no matter what circumstances we’re facing. This whimsical swing pendant represents both sides of the box – the house is our shelter, our comfort. You can place a small picture of someone you love in the photo corners of the back layer, and keep them safe and close to your heart. But the wings show that your spirit can soar and be free! Materials: Sterling silver, patina, Techniques: Carved, sculpted, stamped Measurements: 1″ tall, 1 1/2″ wide, 18″ sterling silver foxtail chain Pendant can be worn with either layer in front, and a small photo can be slipped into the photo corners of the back layer.

When I started making jewelry in 2010, I was immediately hooked. I love taking the raw materials and transforming them into something that becomes a part of my customer’s life. My work is eclectic and unique, designed to showcase the materials and the wearer. I believe that the accessories you choose should bring a smile to your face, so I’m obsessed with learning new techniques to bring you striking, original jewelry that you’ll love.

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