David Robbins


Dave Robbins has created a  designing wild flower arrangements from nature experience on October 24th. Bring a small to medium-sized vessel that is water-tight and Dave will show you how to create something beautiful from all the plants you might otherwise overlook. 

The lesson will be about 1.5 hours and tools will be provided. *Location and time will be emailed to the participants. 

 Dave is a native of the Carolinas and currently resides in Columbia, SC. Amongst his facets he is a painter who portrays landscapes in a slightly minimalistic, slightly abstracted form. His love of nature shows in most everything that he creates. Dave has spent the majority of his working career as a horticulturist and makes a living as a landscape designer. One of his true passions is floral design and he enjoys utilizing what is in his current surroundings to create beautiful arrangements using elements that aren’t normally available in the floral industry trade. “I feel that floral design is just as much of an art form as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.. All of the artistic elements and principles are the same. There’s way more to it than just putting stems in a vessel of water.”  Dave strides to constantly create beauty and is always creating.