Libby Coynor- Tiny Treasures


Using one or more of your tiny treasures, perhaps in combination with finds from my own trove of vintage and hand made treasures, I will fabricate a necklace or bracelet for the buyer. We will use silver, non-precious metals, or other materials. This might involve assembling the pieces in an unexpected way on a sterling silver chain, or transforming the piece itself. Even small pieces of hollow ware can have new meaning. The buyer will have an opportunity to see an orphaned earring, forgotten pendants,broken pieces, or heirloom pieces come to life again. I will have an opportunity to assist the buyer in the ancient art of personal adornment.

Libby Coynor fell in love with jewelry while exploring her mother’s jewelry box as a child, and she has collected found objects since she was old enough to pick up stones from a mountain stream. Libby served in the Curatorial Department of the Columbia Museum of Art for 15 years before moving to Hendersonville, NC in 2,000. There she wrote about the visual arts for Bold Life Magazine, and practiced the craft of jewelry making. After returning to Columbia in 2005, she participated in craft shows, arts fundraisers, and was represented by Gallery West. She has studied jewelry making at Penland School, Arrowmont School, and the John C. Campbell Folk School.

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