Pam Bowers/Sara Land/ Laura Garner


“The Body, Sacred Light and the Senses—a woodland celebration”

— Painting, Yoga, Gilding, and a Celebration of Light in the Tradition of Diwali”

 Brought to you by Pam Bowers, with Sarah Land, Laura Garner Hine

Saturday November 7th 12:30 till just after dusk.

“ Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life” Picasso

“Yoga is the Practice of Quieting the Mind” Pantanjali”, the Yoga Sutras

“All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the self.”  Diwali Greeting

The Workshop

Set at the beginning of season of the Diwali Festival of Light, this unique workshop is  a semi private custom experience set in an intimate but spacious location just outside Columbia SC. With the help of my colleagues Sarah Land (yoga, meditation) and Laura Gardner (materials, gilding) the workshop will combine yoga traditions, the art of sacred gilding, the traditions of rangoli and light, and an expressive form of  painting based in the senses and mindfulness. Set in serene forest that surrounds a deck with a zen-like water fountain, flower gardens and birds––it is the perfect place to explore the language of the senses through color and form and to honor the movement of one’s own body. A place to refresh the spirit. Parts of the workshop will occur on outdoor covered deck, while others will be in in a large screened sunroom /art studio,  while still others will simply be outdoors–– weather permitting. As a wellness and creativity experience, the workshop is intended as a restful but exciting day of discovery and invention rooted in the body and in the mindscape of one’s own person. 


Prior experiences painting or any other in any studio discipline , yoga or meditation practice are not required, but certainly welcome.  The goal is to set an intention for new creative beginnings or to explore different directions within an existing practice, starting with where you are now, rooted in the present moment, embracing light and hopefulness. Each participant will come away from the workshop with a completed mixed media painting on canvas, a gilded personal object and a renewed sense of balance, health and vitality. We hope this workshop addresses, in a safe and fun way, the longing for health and connectedness that characterizes our time in so many ways. Social distancing will be easily provided for in these large open air spaces and masks will be required. Hope to meet you soon!



Arrival, settle in, bottled or canned refreshments ….15 minutes. 

15-30 minutes. 12:30-1:00

Yoga with Sarah Land 1:00-2:00. Getting into the creative f

Break and Collective Circle Group 2:00-2:30

snack (bring your own) on porch followed by

–– Circle Discussion: Mindfulness, Tuning in to the Senses, Using the Body as a vehicle for Synesthetic Explorations in Painting 

Studio Experience

Painting and Senses Workshop with Pam  Bowers. 


Studio experience 

Gilding with gold or silver as a sacred-making practice,making gilded light lanterns 

Laura Hines workshop  


Mini Yoga with Sarah moving into twilight 5:00/5:30

Festival Of Light ___Shinning our lights  and group rangoli


Optional After Reception in the Studio


My Studio, Grounds and Deck 10-15 minutes southeast from Columbia

Good quality studio materials and equipment suitable for social distancing—paints, gilding, easels, tables, canvases etc. are included free of charge. Participants will bring their own snack/lunch/yoga matts for covid safety practices. Activities occur in a well ventilated 800 square feet sunroom studio area with multiple windows and HEPA air filtration system, or on a large covered patio deck of about 700 square feet or simply outdoors on a beautiful 5-acre country woodsy estate. Hand sanitizer and clean restroom facilities on site. Parking on street no problem

Costs are on a sliding scale, and are enrollment dependent

$325/person for the whole day for a very individualized private experience with no more than 5 participants. 

Costs $225/person  if 6-10 participants are reached for a semiprivate, customized experience. 

Participants can  sign up together or alone, get together with friends to form your own group around work or social circles , or come on your own and meet new people. Let us know what you prefer and we will make it happen. 40% of proceeds from this event will go to support Tapps Outpost. 


Meet the Instructors. 





Pam Bowers 

MFA Painting BFA Studio art, AEC art education/art therap





Sarah Land E-RYT 200, BMus 




Laura Garner Hine

BA Studio Art/Painting. MA Conservation 


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