What is CEIP

Our CEIP structure is designed to provide artists and creatives with the skills and basic business building blocks to fortify and sustain artistic practice.  We excel at harmonizing different community voices and producers of cultural material while diversifying opportunities for Columbia’s creative sector.  The tenets of our entrepreneurial incubator efforts are not to guide the scope of creative expression, but to shape the modalities of producing successful cultural projects.   We strive to help creatives define their own voice, which will in turn strengthen the collective voice of the community. 

The CEIP supports cultural entrepreneurs in four program areas: 

  • Education programs support independent instructors and artists as they build their student/client/audience base and learn basic business skills to develop their practice. Our CEIP structure provides a safe, fun place for community members to grow their skills and experience and introduce themselves to the business of art.  COVID-19 protocol is evolving.    
  • Visual Culture Series features group and solo exhibitions throughout the year focused on unconventional voices in the cultural sphere and themes that redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. The series includes the Artist in Residence Program, the TRADE STATION entrepreneurship program, and the Community Gallery exhibition series.  COVID protocol is evolving.   
  • Performing Culture Series features music, comedy, theatre, and experimental dance all co-organized by independent producers and performers in the community.  COVID protocol is evolving.    
  • Community Dark Room (Space Hall Dark Room and Venue) provides photography facilities and music event production training to emerging and established artists in the Greater Columbia area.  The dark room is fully functional but the COVID protocol for music events is evolving.  

How Do I get involved?

Follow the image below to submit an inquiry.