Palmetto Luna Laboratorio: 1/1/2018 – 4/30/2018

Palmetto Luna’s Laboratorio!: 1/1/18- 4/30/18

Palmetto Luna’s Laboratorio! 

Tapp’s is honored to announce that it’s next Artist in Residence will be Palmetto Luna! Over the next three month’s Palmetto Luna will host an artista laboratorio in the residency studio to showcase Latina/o artists and host community events and will end with an exhibition showcasing artists who work to make Palmetto Luna thrive. 



About the Organization: Palmetto Luna’s mission is to foster an understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture by promoting artistic creation and providing opportunities for cultural expression for the community in South Carolina.

  • Create awareness of the Hispanic/Latino arts and culture in South Carolina.
  • Expand the scope of art exhibitions and art education in South Carolina to include Hispanic/Latino artists in order to present more diverse insights and inspiration and the often misunderstood cultural manifestation of Hispanic/Latino artists.
  • Help to integrate the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population into the mainstream arts community.
  • Promote emerging Hispanic/Latino artists in South Carolina.
  • Empower the Hispanic/Latino community through collaborative public art programs.


About Tapp’s Arts Center and the Tapp’s Initiative:The Tapp’s Initiative was developed to bring contemporary art production, practice and community engagement to the Columbia/Midlands area.  Each resident has full access to their own studio space for four months. Throughout this time, the resident artist will realize a site-specific project, and invite the public to discuss and interact with the contemporary artwork during several open-gallery events. The interactive aspect of the Tapp’s Initiative furthers an understanding of contemporary art, modes of practice, and how visual language functions in ‘building’ culture, both locally and abroad.

Tapp’s Arts Center is giant artistic laboratory focused on community engagement. We encourage artistic agency through exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, classes, and studios to help Columbia create, learn and grow.