Ann Humphries- Poetry Among Friends


Poetry Among Friends: 2.5 hour gathering for up to ten. Dress code: Co-vid appropriate. Location: your place within the Midlands. WI-Fi optional. Included: immersion in reading, writing, and reviewing poetry . Refreshments on you. Besides writing materials , bring a line of poetry on 8×10 cardstock with attribution and your signature. May decorate. Redeemable through September, 2021.

As a girl, Ann-Chadwell Humphries competed in poetry recitation. Ann took Honors English in college, yet only after retirement did she begin to write poetry. She enrolled in community writing classes. now, her poetry education includes workshops at Hub City Press, Richland Library, Poetry Society of SC, and Deckle Edge Poetry
Festival; and classes at USC and online with University of Iowa, University of Pennsylvania, and Hadley Institute for the Blind.
Ann has won scholarships and contests. Recently, Muddy Ford Press selected Ann for their Laureate series to publish a local poets first collection. “An Eclipse and a Butcher,” is soon to be released. Edited by Ed Madden,it contains quotes from notable poets: Tim Conroy Naomi Shehab Nye, Marjory Wentworth, Jessica Jacobs, and Nickole Brown. Ann reads and writes using assistive technology.

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